William Daniell's journeys around Skye, Raasay and the Moray Coast in 1815

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Part of the Isle of Rum

Portree on the Isle of Skye

Loch Cruisk near Loch Scavig

Castle Broichin on the Isle of Raasay

Introduction to Daniell's Journeys

The artist William Daniell was born in Chertsey in 1769. In 1779 his father died and Daniell moved to London to live with his uncle Thomas Daniell. William grew up to be a successful artist in oils and watercolour, but was considered particularly skilful in the art of aquatinting, the skill of transferring a painting from paper to a copper plate from which further prints can be taken. In the period 1813 to 1823 he made a journey round the coast of Great Britain. The journey was divided into six separate trips from his home in London. He made pencil sketches of the scenery and objects of interest. He also made notes about the people and their quality of life.

On his return to London he produced aquatints from the sketches he had made. This resulted in a total of 308 aquatints. These were published by Longman together with his written text over the period 1814 to 1825.

John Garvey has had access to Daniell’s aquatints and to his text, from an original copy of all 6 volumes of a “Voyage Round Great Britain” in the the Library of the University of Glasgow. He has chosen two parts of Daniell’s journey and has walked in Daniell’s footsteps! He has also included in the books photographs corresponding to the subjects of Daniells aquatints. This has allowed an interesting comparison to be made between the photographs and the aquatints. This has enabled an appreciation of the accuracy of Daniell’s prints.